Willow Lash

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When this towering temptress steps out, heads always turn. 



Allergy test eyeliner on inside of wrist. 
Rinse eye immediately if product enters eye, stop using immediately if you have a reaction. 
Shake bottle before use.
Cleanse eyelid with make up remover.
Apply 1 coat of eyeliner along eyelid close to natural lashes like you would a normal eyeliner.
Wait 1 minute for it to dry and repeat 2 more times.
When eyeliner is dry apply Magnetic Lashes as close to your natural eyelashes as possible.
You can cut Magnetic Eyelashes so they fit the width of your eye. Be sure to cute as close to the next magnet as possible
If lashes lift when wearing in the inner corner of the eye attach them slightly further away from inner corner.


Gently pull Magnetic Eyelashes off, clean magnets with with geranium rose cleansing oil and place in compact for next use.
Cleanse eyelid with geranium rose cleansing oil.