Meet our team

Team Serene – we are a team of vibrant, passionate & fun loving hair stylists that have a magical talent of making our clients look & feel on top of the world.

Serene Hairdressing meets and surpasses the standards set out by the Australian Hairdressing Council, maintaining an advanced technical standard of business. We are a member of Sustainable Salons Australia and recycle approximately 95% of our waste.

We are a family owned business owned by Peter Maguire, our beautiful Salon is located in Fadden ACT and has been established since 2000. The salon is overseen by his two daughters Emily and Shari. The salon was purchased following the completion of Emily’s apprenticeship. Emily has managed and built up Serene Hairdressing for the first 12 years before a sea change down the South coast opening our sister salon. Shari has also been a familiar face of the salon with being huge part of our environment.

Peter -  Owner of Serene Hairdressing for the past 18 years. Since owning the salon Peter has retired. In between his love for travel both in Australia and the World we love to see his friendly face when he pops in. Along side his love for travel he loves spending time with his family and fiancée.

Emily - Business Manager

Emily has managed Serene Hairdressing for the past 18 years, with the last 7 years doing so from down the South Coast after moving away with her Partner to open a sister salon Super Natural Hair & Beauty in Malua Bay. Emily still interacts with the salon on a daily basis. Since making this change Emily's family also grew with having a baby girl who is now 2.

Shari - Operations Mangers / Marketing manager

Shari has been a huge part of our salon with showing her friendly face doing the day to day operations along side Emily. Her area of expertise is in marketing and digital strategies content AKA our social media queen. Shari has over 10 years experience in this role at both a International and local level, because of this Shari has played a major part at Serene Hairdressing for the past 12 months in this marketing role. Shari is very family orientated she has a partner, 5 children and 1 grandson, this is why she is a great fit for our family salon.

Bree - Bree has been a part of our Serene Hairdressing team for 1 year now, and has become a huge part of our salon. Bree brings joy and happiness to our team and 9 years of professional experience within our industry.

Things I love:
my puppy, Reading, Anything that sparkles hahaha, Makeup, All the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies

What I love about being a hairdresser:
making people feel good about themselves, The creativity, Having conversations with people, Styling hair

Favorite snack:
Salt and Vinegar chips

Favorite colour:
pink !

Favorite product we use:
Beach Muk salt spray
Why: because it creates texture, movement and hold in the hair without weighing it down and making the hair feel tacky. It gives it a lived in feel and look but it maintains a soft, shiny finish without any product build up

Carly - Carly has been a huge part in the growth of Serene Hairdressing. Starting her apprenticeship with Emily 11 years ago. After exploring the working world, Carly has since returned to our salon bringing more knowledge and experience to Serene Hairdressing, Carly has been a part of our team for the past 3 years. She is currently on maternity leave to have her second baby and will be returning early May.

Things I love:
My son Cayleb, my Husband, my family and my 2 puppy dogs, I enjoy spending time with my family and seeing a smile on my son's face.

What I love about being a hairdresser:
I love being creative, i love being able to make someone Happy with their hair, i enjoy the connections i have with my clients.

Favourite foods:
Spag bol, pizza, Turkish food, bread and cheese

My favourite product:
Argan oil because the muk argan oil that we use actually has THE most argan oil in the product then any of the other argan oil products on the market. Crazy huh! It Also doesn't leave the hair or your hands with oily residue which is great.

Favourite colour is pink