100% of all proceeds gained from recycling salon waste are donated to charitable organizations.

Sustainable Salons tries to prevent 100% of salon waste from harming our natural environment. Serene Hairdressing believes in a sustainable lifestyle through recycling!


As ambassadors for the Sustainable Salons program, Serene Hairdressing takes responsibility for sending the hair where it needs to go.

So this means that our donors just have to call and request a donation appointment and we take care of the rest. You will have your before and after photo taken and videoed for you by one of our lovely staff members. As a thank you for your donation, we will restyle your hair into something amazing after the have been length off.  Serene Hairdressing will then send your donation to the Sustainable Salons Australia.


Refoil is the first sustainable foiling concept within the hairdressing industry.

We care about where our foil comes from, where it ends up and how we can minimize its environmental footprint during its entire life cycle. We strongly believe education is the cornerstone of sustainable growth. Therefore Refoil is committed to create more awareness about foil waste and how every the hairdressing industry can get positively involved in keeping Refoil in the loop, not in landfill!

The Refoil Cycle – Once the foil has been used in the salon, it is sent off to the recycling centre where they melt the aluminum into coils. Any left over residue on the aluminum is processed in a furnace where the coating is removed. Next is the manufacturing stage where the coils are rolled into sheets and cut to size. Once complete, the foil is then distributed back to the salon.